Sectional Overhead Doors Technical Details

Wessex Industrial Doors provide a range of made to measure vertically operating Sectional Overhead Doors, either standard or insulated : with a "U" value of 0.9 W/M 2K.
Opened and lowered either manually by hand, mechanically or electrically assisted by torsion springs on a shaft normally mounted internally at head of door.

Please note that all doors irrespective of lift can only be mounted internally.

More Technical Information re our Sectional Overhead Doors is listed below.

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  • Although normally used in Industrial and Commercial premises such as Factories, Warehouses or Garages. The doors have applications in Domestic and other types of buildings up to a maximum area of 45 M2 for each door.

Composition & Manufacture

  • Insulated Panels 40mm thick faced inside and outside with a 0.5mm thick Hot Dipped Galvanised Sheet to BS2989.
  • All hardware, tracks, bearing brackets, hinges, rollers, bolts etc., are of Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel.
  • The helical torsion springs are of the best quality, pre-stressed and individually designed to suit weight and size of door mounted on steel shaft with aluminum drums.
  • All doors are fitted as standard with seals between sections, against sides, top and bottom panels to prevent heat loss and draughts.  

Door Panels Composition

  • Facing material substrates, inside and outside : 0.5mm thick, hot dipped galvanised steel sheet to BS2989.
  • Dimensions
    Width       : 610mm
    Thickness : 40mm nominal
    Lengths    : >10 metres
  • Weights
    610 wide panel : 6.5kg/m (min)

Optional Extras

  • Optional Extras
  • Double Glazed Acrylic Windows
  • Either oval 623mm x 303mm OR Rectangular 637mm x 327mm.


  • Locking Shoot bolt arrangement    

Electric Operation

  • Electric Drive Unit
    Standard 3 Phase 415V 32RPM - Fitted with disengage clutch
    In case of power failure door can be opened by hand.
    3 button reversing starter and/or key switch  
  • Traffic lights and sirens
  • Automatic controls, infra red or radio control
  • Safety pneumatic strip.
  • Photo electric beam.
  • Induction loop control.
Sectional Overhead Doors Opening Systems

Standard Arrangement Details


Sectional Overhead Doors - Hi Lift Steel work Hi Lift Steel work attachment detail

sectional Overhead Doors - low headroom steelwork Low headroom steelwork attachment detail

Sectional Overhead Soors - standard steelwork arrangement Standard steelwork attachment detail

Sectional Overhead Soors - vertical lift steelworks Vertical lift steelwork attachment detail


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