Roller Shutters Technical Details

Technical Information re our Roller Shutters is listed below.

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  • Curtain - Interlocking flat face laths with low friction end shoes.
  • Laths - 75mm deep 20.B.G. thick in either hot dipped Galvanised steel to BS 2989 or 'Plastisol' colour coated steel in a wide range of colours.
  • Drum - Large diameter thick wall steel circular hollow section, housing best quality helical torsion springs to counterbalance the shutter curtain. Steel endplates and brackets are bolted to the building structure to support the drum.
  • Guide tracks - Deep channel section and support angles are formed from heavy guage steel to suit. 


  • Mechanical - By endless hand chain through roller chain and machine cut steel gear wheels.
  • Electrical - By 3 way push button control unit clearly marked 'OPEN'-'CLOSE'-'STOP'.
  • Power unit - 1.0 h.p. flange mounted 32rpm geared motor with brake. 220v-240v / 380v-480v 3 phase 50hertzor 240v single phase 50 hertz. The brake can be released to provide manual operation by chain wheel in the event of power failure.               

Optional Extras

  • Wicket door - Size 600mm wide x 1640mm high, opening inward hung to suit.
  • Hood - Galvanised steel. Cover curtain roll.

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