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  • Industrial Sliding Doors for Factories

Industrial Sliding Doors are a reliable way to improve ease of access and security for Factories and Business Units. If you own a Factory, Business Unit or Warehouse and are looking for ways to improve the security of your business building, Wessex Industrial Doors can help by providing your Factory with a custome designed and manufactured Industrial Sliding Door.  

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Based in Yeovil, Somerset, Wessex are one of the leading manufacturers of Industrial Doors throughout the UK. Wessex have over three decades of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing a large range of Industrial Sliding Doors for Factories and other commercial and industrial buildings within the entire industrial sector. At Wessex, we understand the importance of providing the right door for each businesses specific requirements, which is why all of our Industrial Doors are made to measure. 

Ease Of Use and Access

Industrial Sliding Doors provide considerably more ease of use and access to the entrance of Warehouses in comparison to doors that operate on a hinge. Sliding Industrial Doors allow enough space for lorries, trucks and other large vehicles to be able to reverse as near as possible to the entrance of the warehouse and craft in and out swiftly. Thus, saving time (and money in time) for your business. 


The security of hinged warehouse doors are an additional business risk that many business owners should be aware of. We believe that it's essential for us to provide your Warehouse with high-level security, access and protection; with these three factors at the heart of our manufacture process. 

Although the UK is unlikely to experience hurricanes, Warehouse Units can often be at threat from very high winds, torrential rain and also snow. Poorly fitted doors that aren't made to measure can easily be damaged in extreme weather conditions which may lead to unwanted setbacks and affordances.  

To secure your Factories, Warehouse or Business Unit, Wessex install the new and improved, industrial strength Sliding Doors, that are specifically tailored to your requirements to help prevent damages.  

Sliding Doors Made From Galvanized Steel

Made from Galvanized Steel, or where necessary Aluminium, these large sliding doors are light weight and strong so that they can cover and secure large doorways. Although lightweight, the material of the door is also extremely rigid  making this style of door a smart choice when securing your business premises that requires a large structural opening. 

As you would expect, one type, size or style does not fit all. It is essential to choose the correct industrial door for the requirements of your Warehouse Unit, as well as the facilities and equipment used within it. 

Sliding Doors Maintenance

Upkeep of these large sliding doors can be kept to the minimum level if, on a daily basis, the owner/operator checks to ensure that:

  • Tracks are free of grime and dust build up
  • All periodic cleansers and lubricants are applied
  • Regular scheduled maintenance is performed by a qualified engineer.

If you require advice or further information about Industrial Sliding Doors or Industrial Doors in general, or your current door needs maintenance, please get in touch with Wessex Industrial Doors.

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