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  • Loading Bay Doors that May Transform Your Business
Loading Bays are often seen as the Gateway to the heart of a business. If you are a business owner and are experiencing problems accessing your business unit, warehouse or factory and your Loading Bay Doors have a habit of breaking down and jamming either open or shut, then the likelihood is that your business is suffering. The loading bay gives access into and out of your business operation. Whether goods in to supply your production line or goods out to deliver your products to customers. Anything that stands in the way of the smooth operation of the loading bay is a potential threat to the performance and therefore profitability of the business. If you are in this situation you can take some comfort in the knowledge that these issues can be addressed.

There are many Loading Bay Doors to choose from, each with it's own characteristics and performance specifications. One of them will be ideally suited to your business. You will need help to select and design the right industrial door for your business so that it operates smoothly, efficiently, securely and can project the right brand and image for the business you've worked so hard to build.

Loading Bays exist in most businesses and are the main entrance to many different premises types. Factories, warehouses, business units, agricultural units and many other types of industrial units all around the UK. Each one of these buildings, with different shapes, sizes and uses, will need a Loading Bay Door of some form or other. 

The most common of these is the business unit or warehouse. The process of designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing Loading Bay Doors is complex and the need to match the doors provided with the type of building and the access and security requirements of the business or businesses that use it paramount.

Loading Bay Doors are often the main entrance way for any large scale business. Access and security is of key importance with reliability and ease of use also a top concern.

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As all equipment is typically made to your exact requirements it is important to select an Industrial Door Manufacturer who has the capability and experience to provide all services from design to installation to maintenance. 

Some of the most popular types of Loading Bay Doors are listed below:

Roller Shutter Doors: A popular, versatile, secure, easy to use solution for many type effective security solution for all types of business and commercial premises. New build business units, factories and warehouses, commercial garages are ideally suited to Roller Shutter Doors. These doors are especially efficient at maximising space around the entrance as the literally Roll Up and Down when opening and closing. It also makes them very strong and secure.

Sectional Doors: These doors are similar to Roller Shutters in that they open and close in a vertical plain but they use panels instead of slats. This improves efficiency of operation and more cost effective, resulting in them being one of the most installed Industrial Doors around the UK. They are available in manual or electric operation modes.

Rapid Roll, Fast Action Doors: This type of fast operating "Up and Over Door" is superb for entrances with high volume traffic that also needs the door closed when access isn't required.

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