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  • Reduce Energy Costs With Insulated Roller Shutter Doors
It's a common claim that Insulated Roller Shutters and Doors can help reduce energy costs to most companies. But how?

The large variations in the British weather, with long wet and cold winters and (sometimes) hot summers the fluctuations in the external ambient air surrounding a typical business unit or warehouse can result in a direct impact on the internal environmental conditions of the workplace. 

How to Maintain Environmental Conditions: If all or part your business location needs a consistent operational room temperature, but still requires external access, then insulated industrial doors may be the solution. 

If, for example, a business that requires an operation room temperature of between 0°C and 4°C (typical of the food preparation sector) and it doesn't have suitable access insulation, these operating environmental conditions will be difficult (and possibly very expensive) to maintain during the summer months or warm periods.

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Reduce Energy Costs With Insulated Roller Shutter DoorsIn the situation where a temperature increase is caused by external weather conditions then this has to be compensated for by a corresponding increase in internal refrigeration activity and an inevitable increase in energy bills.
Also, a poorly insulated building will become increasingly cold during the colder winter months, making working conditions difficult and once again requiring an increase in energy costs.

This can affect staff productivity, performance and customer service as morale can also be affected by poor environmental conditions.

Insulated Roller Shutters & Doors, manufactured by Wessex Industrial Doors, are custom designed to your business specification and are an enhancement of the standard Roller Shutters product range.

Insulated Roller Shutters are able to provide this environmental control due to an additional feature, in that, the shutter lathes (or door strips) are individually insulated and provide an improved insulation value (U-value) to that mandated by standard building regulations.

If you already have Roller Shutters installed, we can easily upgrade them to give an improved U-value to the opening. This relatively inexpensive option, causes minimal disruption and is achieved by adding a layer to the inner face of the rollers and which rolls up with the door.

Our Insulated Roller Shutters And Doors are ideally suited for refrigerated areas in:

  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Food preparation facilities and
  • Many other applications

Designed and built to your specific requirements our Insulated Roller Shutters are a versatile door that will provide superb access control to your business premises whilst retaining the integrity of the facility's environment.

We also provide upgrades to existing Roller Shutters (even those installed by other manufacturers-subject to survey). 

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