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  • Industrial Roller Shutter Doors
Industrial roller shutter doors are important to any business that requires secure storage and easy access for staff, goods and sometimes customers. Getting the best industrial roller shutter doors, at the best prices, with the quality you need is the commitment that Wessex Industrial Doors make for all doors manufactured and supplied by them.
Are they expensive? As with all things in life, sometimes you get exactly what you pay for. This also applies to Industrial Roller Shutter Doors. 

If you select a roller shutter door based solely on price then you may be better looking on eBay - if you do, we recommend that you check out their warranty details and see if they have the right CE accreditation before parting with your hard earned money!

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For most commercial, wholesale, retail and industrial premises, Industrial Roller Shutter Doors offer a highly efficient, secure and affordable solution for most access openings, large or small. Available in almost any size, there are numerous design alternatives that take into account the myriad of requirements that businesses have. Opening mechanism, controls, open/close speed, glazing, insulation, fire protection the list goes on.

Wessex Industrial Doors have designed, manufactured, supplied and installed roller shutter doors to commercial, business and industrial premises since 1983. With this level of service in the supply of Industrial Doors and the practical issues surrounding door installations and operation your individual needs will be at the forefront of all discussions. 

Industrial Roller Shutter Doors - Big or Small.

Typically, Industrial Rollers Shutter Doors that are used for business units and warehouse loading bays are not only wide but high. This is to allow full access to the rear of large delivery lorries without hindrance, so that they can disgorge their contents easily. Most of these large Roller Shutter Doors will be electrically operated for efficient use. Smaller doors and shutters that are used less frequently may be suitable for manual operation. Shutters that are heavily used or require rapid access will also require electrical operation controls. 

Industrial Roller Shutter Doors - Prices

When asking for Industrial Rollers Shutter Door prices, it's a little bit like asking for the price of a car - it's almost impossible to do as very few cars are exactly the same. Size, materials, motor, windows, functional use all come into play. It's the same with Industrial Doors. The best  thing  to do is get in touch with the Specialists in Industrial Roller Shutter Doors, Wessex.

Whatever industrial roller shutter door you are after, whatever size, speed, colour or security Wessex will have a solution for you. One that you can rely on, with a highest quality solution made for a long and productive life. 

Industrial Roller Shutter Doors - Information

If you would like to find out how Wessex Industrial Doors can help you improve your Business Unit, Warehouse or Factory, or for more information on Industrial Roller Shutter Doors, get in touch on 01935 473708, use our contact page or Email: or visit our website

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