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  • Electric or Manual Industrial Roller Shutters
Businesses often choose Industrial Roller shutters as a robust, secure solution for their Commercial or Warehouse Premises. 

They are very space efficient (they open and close in a vertical plane) and therefore  require a minimum area to operate as opposed to doors that are hinged and swing in and out.

Whilst a superb general solution to most businesses there are also a number of different options that are available and should be considered in order to provide the business with the best operation.

One major decision is that of Electric or Manual Roller Shutter Operation. What are the main differences then when selecting either of these options? Some crucial factors are how you operate your business, access requirements, health and safety, operational requirements etc.

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Electric Industrial Roller Shutters:

If you require an Industrial Door that is easy to operate and doesn't require your staff to continually run over to open or close it then the Electric Roller Shutter should be considered.

With the push of a button, the remotely operated shutter, powered by a small, efficient electric motor, will glide open or close. Different operation options mean that the remote control may either be wall mounted or handheld.

As with all heavy doors and shutters, health and safety is a key factor and safety sensors are also available to ensure the safe operation by your staff.

Business efficiency is the major factor here and you should consult with your Wessex engineer to determine the best choice for your business.

Manually Operated Roller Shutters:

A lower cost option than the electrically operated version, manually operated Industrial Roller Shutters and Doors are operated manually using gears and winders. Given these doors require more effort to operate they are better suited to an environment where the shutters are opened and closed less frequently throughout the business day. They are also considered by many to be a "greener" more environment friendly option.

Both options will require regular maintenance to ensure their smooth operation and to avoid breakdowns that can be a major cost to many businesses through lost trade.

Both of these Roller Shutter Doors are available with fire protection and insulation options and business owners should discuss their requirements with their Industrial Door Specialist for more advice.

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