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Commercial Garage Doors

Industrial Garage Doors


Commercial Garage Doors, custom designed and built to match your requirements.

Wessex Industrial Doors range of Commercial Garage Doors are designed to offer High Access Rates, Security, Remote Operation and Ease of Maintenance. Whilst these heavy duty doors are usually selected for Commercial Garages, they are also suitable for:

  • Coach Stations;
  • Distribution Depots;
  • Tyre and Exhaust Centers and
  • Large Commercial Garages

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commercial garage doors

With theft from commercial premises constantly on the rise, they need a safe place to keep their valuable equipment and vehicles overnight. However, maximum use of the space available is also essential and a balance has to be struck to keep the business operating smoothly and a secure storage facility.

Heavy Duty Commercial Garage Doors. 

Many older commercial premises have hinged wooden doors. These doors are vulnerable to breakdown and break-ins and can prove to be a business risk over time and there are many instances where they have been forced open and the contents of the garage stolen. The advent of remote controlled Heavy Duty Commercial Garage Doors has brought security, ease of access, enhanced house styling and peace of mind to many home owners.

It all depends on your Business Requirements. 

At Wessex Industrial Doors we have the experience an know how to help you choose the best solution, for the right budget, for your business. All of our Commercial Garage Doors have been designed to fill a need for a door in the medium to large and heavy duty range at low cost, maintaining strength and reliability, and are custom made to suit all building requirements. 

Commercial Garage Doors need to fit a wide variety of premises and entrances and are therefore custom designed for use in openings in industrial and commercial premises wherever vehicle access is a key part of the business operation. Heavy Duty Commercial Garage Doors from Wessex Industrial Doors are robust, versatile, adaptable and require the minimum of maintenance.

Custom Designed for Your Business.

Designed and built to your specific requirements our Commercial Garage Doors are a flexible, adaptable solution that will provide superb access control to your business premises.

So, if you are a commercial garage owner and your business premises has the need for security, ease of access , reliable operation with a variety of controls and finishes, Wessex Industrial Doors have the products, experience and craftsmanship to deliver the solution you need.


  • Application
    • Industrial
    • Factories
    • Warehouses
    • Garages
    • Hotels
    • Restaurants
    • Agricultural
    • Commercial Doors
  • Arrangement
    • Vertical
    • Sliding
    • Folding
  • Operation
    • Manual
    • Powered
    • Remote
  • Finish