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Security Shutters Technical Details

Security Shutters Technical Details


Wessex Industrial Doors provide a range of made to measure Security Shutters. Purpose designed removable corner and centre stanchions are used for multi-shutter installations. 

Technical Information re our Security Shutters is listed below.

If you require any further details please call us on 01935 473708 we'll be happy to help you. Alternatively use our contact form and we'll get straight back to you.

  • Construction - Solid and open lath shutters
    • Ideal for most applications where security and protection against vandalism are the principal considerations.
    • Constructed from a proven exclusive design of inter-connecting steel and alloy laths.
    • Overlapping plastic ends shoes for smooth, quiet operation.
    • Removable and reversible finger rail for easy installation.
    • Standard and patented forward roll design to provide flat or curved face.
    • Combination of both solid and open lath givinglight and security.
    • Solid lath available in galvanised steelthough normally used in Industrial and Commercial premises such as Factories, Warehouses or Garages.
    • The doors have applications in Domestic and other types of buildings up to a maximum area of 45 M2 for each door.
  • Construction - Alloy and plastic grilles
    • Attractive, practical and designed to provide an optimum balance of security ventilation and vision.
    • Specially designed, decorative alloy 'T' section finger rail.
    • Nylon end rollers and bottom bar blocks help to provide smooth, quiet operation.
  • Security
    • Standard - Comprehensive range of locking devices and components.
  • Operation
    • Electric and Manual
  • Colour & finish
    • Anodised or powder coated finish.
    • Attractive colour range.
    • Please see Colour Chart.