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Industrial Door Maintenance, Repairs & Servicing

Industrial Door Maintenance, Service and Repairs


Clear, secure access to busy business premises is essential to a well run enterprise. Any blockage or lack of security may mean loss of revenue or loss of products or goods. If you are considering whether to have the Main Doors to your business premises maintained, ask yourself :

  • Would you drive your car and never maintain it?
  • What impact would there be if the doors to your factory, industrial unit or retail unit, jammed and you were locked out!
  • What measures (and at what cost) would you have to take if the doors were jammed open?

The cost of repair could be very expensive, not to mention the inconvenience caused and the possible loss of revenue or goods.

As part of our overall Customer Service Package, Wessex Industrial Doors offer flexible maintenance contracts to customers as well as annual and adhoc maintenance services.

Contact us now to avoid any potential breakdown. Maintenance visits may be booked at very short notice, normally one week in advance, and our 24 Hour Emergency Industrial Door Repair Service is also available.

  • Standard Operating & Service Instructions

    The following download is an extract from our standard operating, maintenance and service instructions, is supplied with every door.

    • Industrial Door Maintenance Manual
    • These recommendations are for maintenance and repairs to ensure that the door remains in full working order throughtout its service life. To ensure safe and reliable operation, regular inspection and maintenance is essential. The frequency is dependant on its use. Prompt service and repairs will avoid unneceessary stress on components which could lead to premature wear or failure.
    • Warning ! - Activities which interfere with any part of the door which is under tension must not be undertaken by untrained personnel. Interference with these components can be dangerous and should only be undertaken by trained personnel as part of regular maintenance.
  • Maintenance by the User

    On a daily basis the user should ensure that:

    • There is no damage to any parts of the door.
    • Excessive force is not required to operate the door.
    • Any damage to the door of excessive force needed to operate the door is reported and action taken as necessary to put the door in good working order.
    • Components of the door and the guides are free from dirt and dust build up likely to affect the operation.
    • The door operation continues to comply with the safety requirements.
  • Maintenance by Specialist Engineer
    • The Service and Maintenance in accordance with the recommended Service Frequency, should be carried out by a Specialist Service Engineer in accordance with the Service Work Instructions and task Sheets.
  • Safety

    The following safety instructions should be adhered to at all times, failure to do so could lead to an accident or injury.

    • Keep openings clear at all times.
    • Do not operate a damaged door, or one which is difficult to operate. In the event that a door is found to be damaged or difficult to operate, lock the door, remove the key, leave a warning notice on the door and ensure that the door is inspected by a qualified person. Do not lean ladders against the door, the guides or the casing.
    • Stand well clear of the opening whilst the door is being operated.
    • Operate the door only by the means provided.
    • Do not remove the casing over the curtain roll and the head gear unless the door is stopped, the chain is secured and locked in position or the power switched off at the isolator (power operated doors).
    • If in any doubt call Wessex Industrial Doors on 01935 473708 or use our contact form.