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Business Unit Doors - Wessex Industrial Doors

Business Units & Warehouse Doors

If you need secure, easy, reliable access to your business premises, Roller Shutters are an ideal choice. Custom built to fit your building and business requirements they offer an excellent investment in the smooth operation of your business.

Wessex Roller Shutters are robust, versatile and adaptable, easy to operate and require the minimum of maintenance. Our roller shutters and roller doors are designed to occupy minimum amount of space while giving maximum use of opening. 

Whether you require roller shutters for security, insulation or ease of use, our Roller Doors and Shutters are ideal for business units and warehouses. With over 30 years experience, we have the products, experience and craftsmanship to deliver the solution you need.

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Door Types

Universal Roller Shutters
Universal Roller Shutters

Wessex Universal Roller Shutters are a standard versatile product that are easily adapted to most openings and operational requirements.

Insulated Roller Shutters
Insulated Roller Shutters

Where you need to keep heat or cold in or out, our Insulated Roller Shutter Door will protect the environment of your premises.

Residential and Commercial Garage Doors
Garage Doors

If security, ease of access and enhancing the exterior of your home are your requirements, our range of Roller Garage Doors with manual, powered, remote options and a variety of colours...

Rapid Roll Doors
Rapid Roll Doors

Where rapid access in or out of your premises is required, our Rapid Roll Shutter Door is ideal. Available in a variety of operational modes and colours...

Security Shutters
Security Shutters

If additional security protection is required, our Security Roller Shutter Doors are the solution you need. Able to withstand a range of intruder attempts and available in a number of colours...

Fires Shutters and Doors
Fire Shutters

Nearly 40% of businesses hit by fire do not restart. Our Fire Shutters can help keep your premises, staff and goods safe from fire. Available with a range of fire resistance capabilites...