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Folding Sliding Doors Technical Details

Folding Sliding Doors Technical Details


Technical Information re our Folding Sliding Doors is listed below.

If you require any further details please call us on 01935 473708 we'll be happy to help you. Alternatively use our contact form and we'll get straight back to you. 

  • Head Design
    • Under the rolling load of the door, 36.6 kg/m2 (7 lbs / ft2 ) x door area, the lintel design must not permit the top track to deflect more than 13 mm. Door area being height x width. It will be seen that the load imposed in arrangement 2 is directly below the lintel whereas with arrangement 1 the additional cantilever effect must be considered; this also applies to a lesser degree with arrangement 3.
    • The Track support brackets require a single bolt fixing for the HG, Whereas for the HH shutter two bolts for each bracket are required. Bracket spacing will be determined by consideration of both width and height of opening, details will be provided.
    • For concrete lintels through or ragbolts with 38mm thread projection should be supplied and fitted by others. For steelwork we will generally require 14mm dia. holes by others, however we shall be pleased to advise further upon receipt of your opening details.
  • Security
    • Standard - Hasp and staple padlocking facilities are fitted to the inside and outside to enable positive locking from either side. Padlock to be provided by others. The staples are fitted to the lead post on a single door.
    • Optional - An eight lever deadlock system can be incorporated.
    • Operating handles and key apertures are provided inside and outside unless otherwise requested.
  • Construction - Alloy and plastic grilles
    • Attractive, practical and designed to provide an optimum balance of security ventilation and vision.
    • Specially designed, decorative alloy 'T' section finger rail.
    • Nylon end rollers and bottom bar blocks help to provide smooth, quiet operation.
  • Sumps
    • To enable thorough cleaning of the bottom track, optional sumps can be locate behind and beneath the track in the bunching area.
    • A drainage system can be coupled to the sump if it is considered that the threshold will be the water collecting area.
    • An excavation 180mm (7") wide x 100mm (4") deep must be provided by others to enable our skilled erectors to locate the robust channel formed bottom track, subsequently to grouted-in by others.
  • Electric Operator
    • The operator can be supplied for use with either single phase or three phase mains supply. Operators have integral torque limit - Mirco switch - Drive sprocket mounting bracket, and are both compact and robust with a simple but positive clutch adjustment to suit the particular installation, providing reliable and safe operation.
    • The drive is achieved by means of an endless roller chain connected to the lead post and running parallel to the overhead track. Should power failure occur, the door can be converted to manual operation by simply disconnecting the drive chain from the lead post. Site wiring connections (by others) are required to be made from a mains supply isolator (by others) to the operator and control unit.
    • A wiring diagram is provided by Wessex Industrial Doors LTD.
    • Safety - In the event of the door meeting an obstruction under power, the torque limit operates the micro switch to switch off the mains supply to the motor.
    • Controls - Push button operated switches marked 'open','close' and 'stop' are provided for location in the required position.
    • Remote control by photo-electric cells with or without automatic closing by time relays or an induction system operating on radio control principles are available. We shall be pleased to provide advice on a control system when your requirements are known.
    • Application - Power operation can be provided for installation arrangements 1,2 and 3 within the same clearances required for manually operated doors and, this feature allows manually operated doors the option of being converted to power operation at a date later than the installation date.
  • Optional Extras
    • Runway beams - Cut-outs in standard or special extra wide lead posts can be arranged to accommodate single beams passing through bi-parting manually operated doors. Off-sets from the center line of the opening are provided by using unequal pairs of leaves each side.
    • Viewing panels - Viewing panels giving a clear view area of 510mm (20") x 125mm (5") can be incorporated. Standard glazing of 5mm (3/16") thick hardened and tempered safety glass. Non- standard sizes of glazing material can be considered.
    • Railway Lines - Special bottom tracks can be supplied where railway lines pass through the opening.

Folding Sliding Shutter Doors Technical Supplements - Download in PDF Format

Wessex Industrial Doors - Folding Sliding Shutter Doors - Brochure PDF Folding Sliding Shutter Door Brochure