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Most home or business owners want protection from any unwanted intrusion into their residence or office premises by burglars or vandals. So what is the best protection that can be affordably be installed? Industrial roller shutter doors are often the answer. Their robust manufacture and easy to use design means that they can not only keep your building safe and secure, they can also help defend goods and products in storage from damage and the environment whether they are stored in business...
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Doors for Agricultural Units, Barns and Farm Equipment Stores. Industrial Folding Sliding Doors can make a considerable enhancement to the effective use of a Farms Storage and Usable Workspace. Many Barns and Agricultural Units even now, still use hinged Barn Doors, which have usually been in situ since the erection of the building or unit. These traditional type of doors, quite often made from wood (as opposed to modern materials such as High Grade Aluminium or Galvanized Steel) often resu...
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For many Commercial Garage Owners, security, access, ease of use and low maintenance are the key requirements when selecting Heavy Duty Commercial Garage Doors. With theft from commercial premises constantly on the rise, they need a safe place to keep their valuable equipment and vehicles overnight. However, maximum use of the space available is also essential and a balance has to be struck to keep the business operating smoothly and a secure storage facility. Many older comme...
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Industrial Door Systems and Bespoke Door Solutions have been designed and manufactured in the UK by Wessex Industrial Doors for over 30 years. These Door Systems have been designed around the needs of businesses and with a wide variety of systems to choose from there is a solution for all shapes and sizes of buildings and requirements. Very few buildings are identical, so it's important that businesses have the right door to match their business and premises. Based in Yeovil, ...
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An Industrial Roller Shutter Door is important to almost any business that requires secure, easy access to it's premises, regardless of it's size. The aim of Wessex Industrial Doors is to provide the most appropriate industrial roller shutter doors that suit your business, offer great value for money and are competitive in the UK Market. Competitive pricing combined with bespoke design, quality materials and reliable high quality roller doors and shutters mean that you get a pr...
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The cost of heating a business unit or warehouse always seems to be growing and many business owners want to know how Rapid Roll Doors can help Reduce Energy Costs. With the ever increasing cost of fuel, companies and business owners are all doing everything necessary to insulate their premises and help reduce heat loss. This includes everything from installing insulated roller shutters for windows and doors to draft excluders and cavity wall insulation. In addition to these energy saving ini...
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Industrial Doors is a term that covers a wide range of access controls and barriers that are used to secure and separate areas of a business building whilst allowing ease of access and entry when necessary. Industrial Doors can be used to provide environmental control, fire protection, rapid access, heavy duty security or high visibility and promotion (such as glass shop fronts). Industrial Doors can also help reduce energy costs and have a positive impact on green issues surrounding the enviro....
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There are tens of thousands of factories, warehouses, business units, aircraft hangars, agricultural units and other types of industrial units all around the UK. Each one of these buildings, with different shapes, sizes and uses, will need an Industrial Door or Industrial Shutter of some type or form. In many instances, a combination of several different types. The process of designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing these industrial doors is complex and the need to match the doors prov...
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With winter fast approaching, whether it's mild and wet, cold and icy or possibly with sub zero temperatures and winds blowing snow drifts along the roads and lanes (I'm shivering already), it's essential that the industrial doors that give security, access and protection to your business premises are operating well. Without them you may have to shut down for short or even long periods whilst they are repaired.If your industrial doors (Roller Shutters, Sliding Folding Doors, Up and O...
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Businesses often choose Industrial Roller shutters as a robust, secure solution for their Commercial or Warehouse Premises. They are very space efficient (they open and close in a vertical plane) and therefore require a minimum area to operate as opposed to doors that are hinged and swing in and out. Whilst a superb general solution to most businesses there are also a number of different options that are available and should be considered in order to provide the business with t...
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