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Now that Businesses are emerging from post COVID19 lockdown, many are finding doors and shutters that have been jammed, damaged or vandalised. Many company owners realise that a jammed or unuseable door can cause a major impact on the logistical operation of a business. It's a false enconomy just to "make do"! Added to the problems caused by lack of use over the last few months, damage caused by high winds and excessive temperatures can also affect the smooth operation of large ind...
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At this time of year, even though we, in the UK, don't normally have to suffer from hurricanes, we can be subject to storms that deliver very high winds and torrential rain, not to mention snow in the winter months. High winds can cause significant damage to any industrial door that is ill-fitted or has poorly connecting slats that allow winds to get behind them. These doors can often be rendered jammed and unusable or fixed open allowing the elements access. Water damage from these storms ....
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