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  • Industrial Door Maintenance Can Protect Your Business From Storm Damage
At this time of year, even though we, in the UK, don't normally have to suffer from hurricanes, we can be subject to storms that deliver very high winds and torrential rain, not to mention snow in the winter months. High winds can cause significant damage to any industrial door that is ill-fitted or has poorly connecting slats that allow winds to get behind them.

These doors can often be rendered jammed and unusable or fixed open allowing the elements access. Water damage from these storms can also occur in certain circumstances spoiling goods and equipment.

The impact this can have on many businesses may be substantial. Blocked access points can prevent movement of staff, customers and goods. Whilst access points that are locked open can expose goods and equipment to the elements and present a security threat with goods being lost or stolen.

With winter fast approaching, whether it's mild and wet, cold and icy or possibly with sub zero temperatures and winds blowing snow drifts along the roads and lanes (I'm shivering already), it's essential that the industrial doors that give security, access and protection to your business premises are operating well. Without them you may have to shut down for short or even long periods whilst they are repaired.

Whatever type of industrial door your business premises have (possibly Roller Shutters, Sliding Folding Doors, Up and Over Doors etc), if they are in a poor state of repair and do not fully operate correctly (shutting and closing or meshing) they are a potential threat to the operation of your business. When the autumn and winter storms arrive things can potentially only get worse. Any breakdown can result in a negative impact on your business. Therefore, it's important to prioritize your Industrial Door Maintenance program to protect your business operation.

If you have damaged doors or your Industrial Doors haven't been serviced recently then acting now could save your business significant downtime and cost.

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Here are just some of the reasons that this maintenance work is essential:

Insulation and Environment Control

If your industrial doors are damaged in any way, either jammed open or not fully closing to create that insulating seal, it probably means that heat is escaping. This effectively means that you will be spending more money on energy to make up the short fall in order to keep your premises at an appropriate temperature. You may not be able to get the premises to a suitable temperature, making working conditions less than adequate for your staff members and the resulting loss of productivity that goes with it. 

Building Security

Building Security is one of the key benefits of Industrial Doors. If your Industrial doors not fully functional then your premises are not going to be fully secure. This will expose your business to criminal access, threatening your goods, equipment, even your entire business.

Business Availability, Un-necessary Downtime and Customer Inconvenience

Poorly maintained Industrial Doors, can easily result in a situation where-by your entire business ceases to function. Doors jammed closed can result in the the inability to move stock, whilst doors jammed open threaten the security, environment and safety of the products and staff under your care. This could spell the end of many businesses if they are dependant on the high trade volumes at Christmas.

Protect Your Merchandise and Business Assets

If your industrial doors are damaged, it could mean that merchandise and other business assets on your property are not being protected from the weather; in addition to the cost involved in poorly insulated buildings, it could also put any temperature-sensitive stock (such as food or industrial manufactured products) at risk.

Keep Your Staff Busy and Happy

If the doors to your business unit or warehouse a jammed open and it's windy and snowing outside, you can guarantee that you will have a disgruntled workforce who are constantly complaining that "if only the boss had listened to advice and got the doors, that jammed twice in the last month, maintained, we wouldn't be freezing cold....".

Prevention is Better Than Cure

It is easier to conduct regular, planned maintenance of your Industrial Doors than to fix them when they break. It will almost certainly be cheaper and less inconvenient for you and your customers too.

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It makes sense that you would want to have your Industrial Steel Doors and Roller Shutter Doors in good repair for the winter months. Contact Wessex Industrial Doors for a free survey so that we can advise you on a suitable Industrial Door Maintenance program on your Doors. 

Call 01935 473708 now, to talk to one of our experienced Engineers to see how our Industrial Door Maintenance & Repair Services can Get Your Industrial Doors Ready for Winter.

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