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  • PVC Strip Curtains -An Ideal Solution for Business Premises
Many business units, warehouses or industrial units are made up of a single, large open space with an office area on the ground floor or sometimes on a gantry. However, many businesses may have separate functions or application areas the require a physically separate area to allow them to operate effectively. They also require easy access to and fro between these distinct areas. What's the solution?

PVC Strip Curtains are a great option for solving many of these problems. They provide a flexible, cost effective, insulation barrier between areas of your warehouse or industrial unit but still allow for the flow of not just staff members but also light traffic such as forklifts. Being made from PVC these curtains also have the benefit of transparency that assists with their safe operation.

If access into your business premises or between internal areas requires you to keep the "door open" continually, you may find that the heat loss is costing your business a significant amount of money, as well as the impact to the environment.

PVC Strip Curtains from Wessex Industrial Doors may be the solution to your problem.

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Reduce Energy Costs With PVC Strip CurtainssPVC Strip Curtains are now very much part of the industrial warehouse scene. Their ability to cut heat loss from busy external openings by up to 75% make them a tremendous investment. A curtain will usually pay for itself inside the first winter! They also improve the working environment making by making it cleaner, quieter and most importantly safer.

The History of PVC.

PVC, (Poly Vinyl Chloride) was discovered when it was accidentally synthesised by Eugen Baumann in 1872.

Initially, the hard, brittle, white plastic was assumed to be of very little use or application until an American company developed a way of altering its end product into either a flexible or rigid form. This was achieved by the addition of separate additives.

The Industrial PVC Strip Curtains that are widely used in Industrial and Business Units across the world are made from flexible PVC.

The Qualities of PVC.

The latest PVC Strip Curtain is manufactured from a material that features gives it operational and handling qualities that make it especially suitable for use in industrial premises:

  • Lightweight. Relatively lightweight, but also strong.
  • Fire Resistant. Some of the additives that make PVC flexible also make it flame-retardant.
  • Chemical Resistant. Resistant to many of the alkalis, acids and salts that can other materials. Not so PVC.
  • U.V. resistant. Resistance to the UV spectrum of natural sunlight ensures that  PVC degrades at a slower rate than some other plastics when exposed to similar levels of U.V. light.
  • Durable. PVC has a longer lifespan than some other plastics.
  • Non Toxic. PVC meets the required health and safety standards for non-toxicity.

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